Offset Paper

offset paper roll
  • Brand: MAGISTR, Amber Graphic, Lumiset, Berga Write, WFU offset, Eco offset…etc.
  • Manufacturer: APP Gold Hua Shehg (Сhina), Arctic Paper (Poland), Stora Enso (Finland), Sappi(Austria), …etc.
  • Format: Sheets: 64×90, 45×64, 61×86, 60×84; Reels(D=): 45-190
  • Weight: 60-190gsm,
  • Packing: In sheets, inreels (ton),
  • Whiteness-CIE (%): 92-150%,
  • Opacity (%): 84-98%

By agreement between the printing companies and paper manufacturers in the last decade, we have developed many kinds of offset paper and paperboard of various quality – uncoated and coated with the contents of timber and without, matte and glossy, with engine smoothness, glance and embossed. They all seem to have surface stability (gluing-off), dimensional stability, and resistance to chemicals.

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